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Manta Club at Omeo Wreck

Manta Club dive at Omeo Wreck, Coogee – snapper schools near the artificial reefs 

Sunday 14 April 2019

Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck, Coogee

The swell was stronger than predicted near North Coogee Wall today, so we selected Omeo Wreck as the preferred site, after first looking at Sue’s Groyne.  The conditions in the water near the […]

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Kwinana Grain Terminal

Kwinana Grain Terminal Club Dive

Sunday 7 April 2019

This Sunday we took the club dive to Grain Terminal. With 18 keen divers ready to go we made our way down. Down at the site the carpark was full of divers, some just getting in and others on the way out.

Manta Club divers at Kwinana Grain Terminal

After […]

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A dive to remember…

Sunday 31 March 2019

It was a work engagement that brought a whole new meaning to the term and as an Instructor of 21 years it was a unique and absolute privilege to be part of a day that will stay with a couple the rest of their lives.

Starting with a phone conversation the night before […]

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Chidley Point club night dive

Chidley Point club night dive 
8 August 2018

Wednesday nights club dive was held at Childley Point. 4 keen divers braved the 16 degrees water temp to catch themselves a feed of crabs and prawns . With poor vis to start with the deeper we got the better it was. The prawns were scarce and one […]

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Bicton Baths night dive crab catching

Bicton Baths
21 July 2018

With the weather not so great this Wednesday night we decided to go look for some crabs and prawns down at Bicton Baths. With three keen divers then another two late comers, I gave my brief then made our way out to the middle.
With all the rain the water was nice and clear so […]

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Ammunition Jetty night dive

Ammunition Jetty 
27 June 2018

This Wednesday night the Perth Scuba team planned to dive the famous Ammo Jetty and with a slight break in the weather we had a good opportunity. After a brief and a photo we made our way down.
After a little swim out past the swell we made our descent. Not far out we […]

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Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks

Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks
Sunday morning the weather gods were against us, nothing but rain and thunder but that wasn’t going to stop us. Our plan was to head to Blackwall Reach to explore the wrecks and make our decision once at the site. After some breakfast we made our way down.
At the site the water […]

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Dumaguete Philippines group returns

Dumaguete Philippines tour group returns
Awesome food, tremendous diving and fantastic people

From the moment you arrive at Atmosphere Resort situated in Dumaguete Philippines you can tell you are in for one magical experience, from the spacious modern rooms with outdoor private shower garden, to the restaurant with fine course dining and friendly staff to make the […]

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Kwinana Grain Terminal jetty dive

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Wednesday night once again and time for our weekly club dive. This week we met down a Grain Terminal Kwinana. With the carpark full with another group I waited until one diver finally showed up to save the night.
After a brief we headed out looking for some macro, after setting the flag we […]

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Diving with the Suunto Eon Core wrist computer at night

Diving with the Suunto Eon Core wrist computer
It was once again Wednesday night and time for our club dive. This week Leonard from Suunto joined us so we could try out the new Eon Core Dive computer down at Ammo jetty. 

With 8 of us in total we had enough computers to go around and made our way […]

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Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?

Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?
Last weekend was the first of our trips to Lancelin to dive the Key Biscayne for the year and thankfully the weather gods were again on our side! 
Over 100 divers headed out to dive this iconic and awesome dive wreck over […]

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North Coogee wall club dive

This Wednesday night we decided to go to North Coogee wall for our club dive. With a turn out of six we had just the right amount for the site, and conditions looked great. We got kitted up then made our way down the beach to find crystal clear water and little swell. 

As soon as we got […]

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