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Manta Club at Omeo Wreck

Manta Club dive at Omeo Wreck, Coogee – snapper schools near the artificial reefs 

Sunday 14 April 2019

Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck, Coogee

The swell was stronger than predicted near North Coogee Wall today, so we selected Omeo Wreck as the preferred site, after first looking at Sue’s Groyne.  The conditions in the water near the […]

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Converging on Kwinana Grain Terminal

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
Apparently people are too scared to enter Perth waters…. I have 40 divers converging on the Kwinana Grain Terminal for our Manta Club dive who can prove that argument very wrong!
Brekkie guzzled and the new Perth Scuba App downloaded, we fought horse floats for parking space […]

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This is where the life is at

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Divemaster
This is where the life is at!
We had a great turnout for our dive at the North Wall of the Coogee Marina last night, Wednesday 8 January 2014.
Two of our lovely crew were off on their first night dive ever and the marina wall did not disappoint. […]

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What has 4 legs and no tail?

Written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba Instructor
Another fantastic day presented itself for the dive on Sunday. About 15 of us (for those playing at home, you’re right, they’re not all in the photo unfortunately) met at the shop for a quick breakfast, before heading to Coogee Marina to cool off, and get ahead of […]

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Scuba Gods smile on the Kwinana Grain Terminal

written by Matthias Liffers – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Hypselodoris saintvincentius (Burn, 1962)

The rainy weather throughout the week got me a little depressed, and I have to admit I wasn’t really looking forward to going diving on Sunday. Little did I realise that the scuba gods would smile on us and give us a beautiful, […]

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Sunday Morning Dive at North Mole

written by Lindsay Phillips – PADI Dive Master
Easter Sunday – what a great day for Manta Club  dive at North mole. We all met at Perth Scuba for a feed of Hot Cross Buns, Easter eggs and thank you to Mia for her famous cupcakes.
We all headed down to North Mole with full stomachs, on arrival […]

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Oh what a night…

The Perth Scuba Crew dived at The Coombe, Mosman Bay when their Rottnest Island dive was cancelled…

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