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marine sanctuaries

Securing our new sanctuaries – important update

Australia has now boldly declared it will create the largest network of marine sanctuaries in the world, and for that we must extend a huge thanks to you and the whole Big Blue Army.
The Government has told us that this could not have happened without the pressure and profile generated through your support […]

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Breaking News: The tide has turned..!

In an historic announcement this morning, the tide turned for marine life in Australia. 
This has only been possible because people like you stood up and spoke out to support our unique marine life. You and everyone else in the Big Blue Army should take a bow, because today Environment Minister Tony Burke has announced the […]

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SOS Leap into Action

Perth Scuba, you have helped bring the Government to the brink of creating one of the best networks of marine sanctuaries in the world. But now the fishing industry is fighting back hard and I need your help before they succeed in their plans.
Late last week we learnt that hired corporate lobbyists are in […]

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Lee returns from Parliament House

Written by Lee Johnson
15 October 2011
After a grueling week at Parliament house in Canberra, Lee has returned with a very positive outlook on the newly proposed Marine Parks and Sanctuaries for the WA South West. There were meetings at the top level – (Well almost – Julia was busy pushing through her new Carbon Tax). […]

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Save our Marine Life – Increase our Sanctuaries!

You can make a difference…
Blue Army Update
We are now into our campaign to show the government reason to increase the amount of ocean areas earmarked for marine reserve “sanctuaries” in WA and Australia.
With the Big Blue Army now heading towards 40,000 supporters, the message is strong to the Government that the people care and are […]

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Join the Big Blue Army

Just 2 weeks until WE have our say in the forming of Marine Sanctuaries in our South West. We’ll keep you posted on the progress both in our Newsletters and on our website.
Here’s what David Mackenzie – Save our marine Life Says…
A Big Blue Army is coming
When draft marine sanctuary maps hit the ground in 3 […]

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