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Diving the Cenotes of Mexico

Diving the Cenotes of Mexico

Part 1

September 2019

The Perth Scuba crew have made it to Mexico for our third time and this time a contingent of 24 of Perth Scuba’s elite divers are taking on the Cenotes and Caves in the Tulum region. 

Lee Johnson diving the Cenotes of Mexico

The caverns (cenotes) and caves that pepper this […]

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Sidemount diving

Learning to Sidemount dive

May 2019

Sidemount diver in Scubapro X-Tek BCD

Perth Scuba are proud to have 2 very competent sidemount instructors in house, who have gotten together and come up with a brand new format for the Padi recreational Sm courseWhilst the PADI sidemount course may not be a ‘tech’ sidemount course, both of our instructors are experienced technical divers, who live […]

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What is your reason for Sidemount Diving?

Written by Marc van der Poel
What is your reason?
Saturday morning and I am prepared, I have all the harnesses, rigging kits and sleek 7 litre HP cylinders ready to go. I am teaching the Sidemount course.The students arrive and I find myself with four seasoned dive professionals ready to take on the weekend. One Dive-master and […]

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Another fantastic sidemount diver course

Marc van der Poel, Perth Scuba’s technical instructor extraordinaire takes the guys through another exciting Sidemount Course.
Pat, Ken, Chris & Alex put through the paces at the TDI Sidemount course.
Well done guys! I think there are some twins for sale…
Would you like to jump on the next Sidemount Course? Contact us for upcoming course dates.

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