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Fishing under ice

Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland
Divers:Fisherman: Eelis RankkaFisherman’s friend: Tommi SalminenBoy with the balloon: Jukka Pelttari
Camera and editing: J. MettäläManuscript by J. Mettälä and Eelis Rankka
Music: Stefano Mocini: The end of the doubs
Couple of things about this video:Camera used was Sony HDR-SR11 with Amphibico HD Elite housing.The Wheelbarrow was saved […]

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Perth Scuba test drives the Sony NEX5 in a Nauticam Housing

Lee & Joey dive the Great Barrier Reef – for work of course!

Lee and Joey were lucky enough to head to Cairns for a fun filled weekend of test driving the new range of Nauticam housings, soon to arrive on their doorstep. We were lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to take the […]

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