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Take the Master Scuba Diver Challenge!

What is a Master Scuba Diver?PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge

Master Scuba Diver is PADI’s highest non professional recreational diving certification. This is what the best of the best reach for, because the dive possibilities are endless.

How do I become a Master Scuba Diver?

You must complete your PADI Rescue Diver + five PADI Specialty Diver Courses. Then head into Perth Scuba before 31st May 2013 to apply for your Master Scuba Diver rating – it’s FREE!

I already have a couple of Specialties, what do I need to do?

Do you already have a one or two PADI Specialty Courses completed? You only need do enough courses to take you up to five in total. For example: You have Enriched Air Nitrox & Emergency First Response – then choose only three more to apply for Master Scuba Diver!

Do you already have your Rescue Diver completed? Then you only need to do five Specialty Courses.

What’s the Master Scuba Diver Challenge?

Become a Master Scuba Diver with Perth Scuba before 31st May 2013 and you’ll be entered into the Master Scuba Diver Challenge Competition. This is your chance to win a trip to Sydney where you’ll be awarded with the Ultimate Master Scuba Diver Trophy, a Scubapro Dive Package & PADI Dive Master Course.

What Dive Courses can I jump on to become a Master Scuba Diver?

There’s LOTS coming up PLUS you get a FREE Perth Scuba Limited Edition MSD Challenge Shirt for each specialty. Upcoming Dive Courses:

Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty: nights 19-Dec, 3-Jan, 17-Jan, 31-Jan

Peak Performance Buoyancy: 5 January

Deep Diver Specialty: 12-13 January FULLY BOOKED

Equipment Specialty: nights of 15-16 January

Navigation Specialty: 19-20 January

Wreck Diver Specialty: 2-3 February

Shark Aware Specialty: night of 23 January

To book onto any of the above Specialty Dive Courses contact us to secure your place. Plus, pick up your MSD Challenge Package + SAVE! Ask in store or click here for more details.

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