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Technical Diving Course

Technical Diving Course

Lee and Joey joined Marc van der Poel (our Perth Scuba Tech Instructor Guru) and his four students on a weekend in Dunsborough in search of the deep! It was a beautiful day and we headed out on Cape Dive’s vessel to the HMAS Swan wreck. It only took us 20 minutes to get out to the wreck and once there we could see the crows nest from the boat and the seas were calm and flat.

We geared up and watched the Tech Diving Course go through their briefings and check their gear ready for the first deep dive of their course. On this dive they were checking their buddy breathing skills, signals, decent, maintaining a 20 minute bottom time at 30 metres and then used Nitrox to off gas and return to the surface faster than on air.

The vis was  a good 15 – 20 metres with plenty of fish life and no current. Joey madly took photos of the guys in their twin sets, pony bottles, balloons plus so much other cool kit. Although, she may have been distracted by the globe fish she found at 28 metres and wandered off to get their googly-eyed stare on memory card.

If you’d like to experience Technical diving for yourself, just call us in the shop to book onto one of our fantastic courses. Wanna dive the Swan wreck? Then Perth Scuba has vouchers you can purchase to dive the HMAS Swan wreck – just give us a call or send an email.

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