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Joey’s Palau Dive Tour

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Day 1 of my trip to Palau

It’s afternoon now and I’m back at the hotel after my Dolphin Experience… And WOW! What an experience it was. The dolphins were fantastic! I got to pat them and shake their hands (fins??). I even got video of the other guys in our tour group free diving with them. Pretty cool, everyone was left with smiles on their faces. And who can blame us when we got to play with these gorgeous and intelligent creatures.

After being so impressed by the experience I’ve made sure that this is a part of our tour in April next year for Perth Scuba. How could anyone want to miss this? Next time I fully intend to SCUBA dive with them so that I can give them a big cuddle underwater in their world. I’m really looking forward to visiting their big smooth smiley faces again.


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