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The Big Shark Shout Out

The Big Shark Shout Out Week

During the Big Shark Shout Out Perth Scuba and divers around the world rally to protect sharks before it’s too late. Together, we have a powerful, collective voice that can change policies affecting the main threats to sharks – overfishing, bycatch and finning.

Why are we worried about sharks? Nearly one out of five shark species is threatened with extinction. Sharks are irreplaceable – they are vital to the health and balance of our ocean environments. Time is running out for sharks and we need to act now!

Make a difference during the Big Shark Shout Out:

Sign the Shark Petitions

By adding your signature, divers can pressure leaders to close shark finning loopholes and provide greater trade protections for vulnerable shark species. Two important petitions need your voice this October: Shark Alliance’s Unfinished Business and Project AWARE’s Give Sharks a Chance. Please sign them both.

Better yet, run your own signature drive by collecting signatures on Facebook with the Take Action Facebook app or adding the shark petition widget to your website this October.

Take the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty

Become a passionate shark conservation advocate and get the knowledge and tools you’ll need to act for shark protection. Perth Scuba will be teaching the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty during the month of November. Want to Shout Out to Sharks and learn more about them? Contact Us for course dates during November and you too can become a Shark Conservation Diver!


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