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The Manta Club search for the wrecks of Blackwall Reach

Manta Club Dive Blackwall Reach Bicton by Lindsay Phillips

Image supplied by Lindsay Phillips – Perth Scuba Dive Master

What do you do when the Perth swell is cooperating for a good ocean shore dive? You head to the Swan River to hunt out the wrecks and critters that you can guarantee in the green brackish waters. And given the conditions of this particular Sunday 23rd September, our Dive Master extraordinaire Lindsay Phillips, steered the crew towards Blackwall Reach Bicton. It’s been awhile since we’ve explored Blackwall Reach and it was interesting to check out what lurks its depths.

The dive site is located on Blackwall Reach Parade Bicton at the northern most end of the road. The crew parked at the spot, geared up and then entered the water near the small jetty. You’ll need to surface swim on a bearing of 35° until you reach buoy #716. You can then descend down the chain to the bottom at 14 metres. A few meters to the west of the chain is a big barge. The barge was scuttled way back in 1967 so it’s broken down a fair bit in that time. Only 8 metres north of the barge is a boat. You can spend your entire dive just covered both these wrecks. Given that the visibility in the river isn’t great it’s a really good idea to bring a torch. The dive site is in the main river flow so you can expect strong currents – so make sure you’re ready for a bit of a swim and take into account when calculating your turn around air.

So what can you expect to see? This dive site is GREAT for seahorses. If you’ve never seen a seahorse this is the spot to come to find them. Plus you’ll usually find decorator crabs if you look closely on the wrecks, plus blue manna crabs lurking in the silt on the bottom.

Thank you to Brett, Mark, Rob, Sarah, Kate & Alicia for joining us on our Sunday morning dive. It was a beautiful sunny day with some warmth in the sunshine hinting at summer just around the corner – yippee!!!

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