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The Official Report: Divemaster Skills Training Day

written by Ian Ross – Perth Scuba Staff InstructorPerth Scuba Staff Instructor Ian Ross

The DM skills day went well despite pool visibility dropping to three metres, giving us  a very realistic dive trail feeling to the whole event. Through the murk of summer holidays build up of hair and bandaids the contestants did well with the skills, rescue and equipment exchange.

Trusty DM Robyn supplied lunch which was a clear winner. Although she did dob me in for making one of the contestants swim and extra lap ! Shaving that cheesy moustache off made him that streamlined and quick I missed his first turn.

Anyway that puts me into a very rare breed of instructor….. No not the fact of making a mistake but only admitting to it ! Besides…… I was just making sure.

Anyway, well done people look forward to seeing you on courses. Oh and a little tip for anyone thinking of doing the skills day……. If you show up a bit late and your evaluating instructor offers to help carry your gear in make sure you don’t give him / her all the heavy stuff.


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