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The Raw Prawn at Palm Beach Jetty

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive MasterPerth Scuba Manta Club Night Dive Palm Beach Jetty 05Feb2014 (1)-2

Another amazing dive-site greeting as we rocked up to Palm Beach Jetty flashing calm, blue waters and a tinge of pinks through the sky as the sun was going down.

Armed with our nets we took to the waters ready to hunt for prawns. (Well, that’s a lie. A few have been burned by their own lack of prawning skills and chose not to participate…) The pressure was on to catch the biggest and best of prawns for our cook-up afterwards.

Besides nearly being run down by a diver on a big, white BMX, under the jetty is an unfortunate quagmire of bait, chairs and sunglasses, pretty murky and not a lot of love is lost if we’re not under here again in a hurry. Moving out from under the jetty into the more open waters was an amazing open flat of sea critters! Long white-bellied pipefish were spotted all over the place as well as a number of baby scorpion fish. Octopus watched us from underneath their little hidey hole shells and then we ran into a large North Western Blowfish! Big blue manner crabs looked super yummy – alas no catch bag to take them with me.

Heading back to shore. We congregated in the water for a while and laughed at the lack of prawns – considering it was a prawning adventure – and as we hovered in the shallows we were attacked by millies!! Little bait fish that zoomed along the surface of the water and launched themselves at divers getting lodged in BCDs and head-butting masks. Very funny to watch the reactions of the first few being attacked…

So the BBQ wasn’t even lit but a very funny night all the same.

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