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The WA Army Cadets learnt to dive

written by Andy Goddard Perth Scuba PADI Master InstructorPerth Scuba PADI Open Water Diver Course WA Army Cadets

So the army in were in town last week!!

Future defenders of the realm turned up at Perth Scuba to do their Open Water course. The guys came various Army Cadet Units in the area, giving up their school holiday time to make themselves Open Water Divers.

So on a cold Tuesday morning the guys marched in …..Or should I say, rolled in ….”Too early this “was a remark that was overheard!! And is 8am too early?? And went on to remind them there are two 8’s in one day!!

So we arrived at the pool for confined water training, there were 12 cadets in total, all eagerly anticipating diving for the first time. We split the guys into two groups and my sidekick , Glen took half the group…..after the first few breaths underwater , the guys stood up and with the biggest grins on their faces proceeded to tell me how amazed they were. Not bad considering it’s only the pool!!

The day went pretty smoothly, only a few minor issues, but by 5pm the guys were looking forward to some beach diving at Rockingham the following day.

So again 8am in the dive school, the guys rolled in….”tired” they said!! But after a good stirring up the smiles came back to their faces!! And off for a days diving we went.

The sun was out, the sea was flat but bloody hell …it was cold!! 16 degrees in the water!!Perth Scuba PADI Open Water Divers

So , of course being the good dive instructor I am , I got rugged up….the poor students only had 5mm wetsuit , but hey …….”Build a bridge” came into my mind ….”You’re in the army!!”

All the guys came through the ordeal, still with smiles on their faces!!! Just had to scrape the ice off to see their faces!! And so onto the following day!!

Boat Day!! Rottnest Island, the best day out by far!!! And yet again the weather held firm, great dive conditions!! Hardly any swell, hardly any wind and the sea temperature were up to 18 degrees!!!Heaven!!

First dive of the day was over and sitting on the boat the guys were commenting on how amazing everything is under the water….welcome to our world…was my reply.The cold was forgotten, the true dive experience had kicked in.The last dive of the course was completed with ease, all great in the water, I think with a bit more experience all instructors to be!

So well done guys, great that you kept going in testing conditions, great that you enjoyed your few days with Perth Scuba and lastly great that you guys are now trained to go on and enjoy the sport!!

Look after yourselves


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