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the Water is here!

as seen on The Water the Water television series

Dive Locker, Perth Scuba and Zulu Media welcome you to the new TV Series : The Water

This 13 Episode Dive and Fishing show will take you diving in some of Western Australia’s best locations. Meet some of Western Australia’s most experienced divers along with the crews from all over the state who all dive for the fun of it. Over the course of the series, you will see some great hidden secrets WA diving has to offer, You’ll meet the “Prawn Whisperer”, we’ll be diving the Key Biscayne, Sanko Harvest, HMAS Perth & HMAS Swan wrecks, shark diving (with the cute and furry sharks… well not furry), we’ll be doing it all! And with this being the only dive dedicated program on air… Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it?

Episode 1 has now been aired – so for more details about the show, the products and the crew, check it out here:

Patto on the first episode showed the Galileo dive computer. With only a few seconds to tell you how great this computer really is – he couldn’t do it justice – so, we thought we’d give you a bit more detail into why this computer is the best in the world!

The Galileo is the flagship range of Uwatec. It consists of 3 versions and each version has more and more features bursting out of the sleek and very user friendly design.Scubapro Uwatec Galileo Luna dive computer

The now discontinued Galileo Terra was the “entrée” of the Galileo world and was released as an interim computer until the release of the air integrated “Luna” and “Sol”. It quickly made its mark in the world and brought a lot of interest and anticipation from the diving community on what was coming next. The release of the Luna & Sol brought a dive computer range with features never seen before in dive computers. Heart rate monitoring system, inbuilt digital compass with full tilt and bearing memory, timed back light screen for night & cave diving, reversible and totally personalized screen options which can give you large easy to read numbers in “light” mode or all the data you could possibly want in “full screen” mode, just to mention a few. Add to this the option of the PDIS Algorithm using deep stop technology for decompression or the flawless Uwatec Algorithm based on Bühlmann model tables and you have a computer which is so versatile that it can be used by anyone from amateur to commercial and technical diver levels.

The Luna is fully air integrated with hoseless transmitter meaning there is now no need to worry about where your gauge is hanging, it’s right there on your wrist.

The features don’t stop there, if you have a dive buddy who also wears one of the Galileo Luna or Sol computers, you can pair them up and see how much air your buddy has while you dive – without even needing to ask. Diving deeper? Prep your Galileo to plan for multiple gas changes and it will plan the dives and even tell you when to switch to the next gas. Preset safety and decompression stops and a fully personalized range of settings to make your dive computer work to your dive are just a few of the great functions the Luna and Sol will give you. Free divers haven’t been left out either – the Apnea mode allows free divers to measure depth and breath hold dives while logging the times into the log book function of the computer.

The Sol is the top of the range dive computer which does it all and some. On top of what the Luna offers, the Sol comes standard with PDIS and a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. This monitor reads your workload by checking your breathing and heart rate to personalize your dive to your dive profile. The Sol also has more technical diving features. The Sol and Luna computers are software upgradable and new applications are available for free (Galileo Sol) or for a small charge (Luna). The new soon to be released Trimix software upgrade will take the Sol even further into the Technical diving area whilst being a great simple to use recreational dive computer for those not requiring those features… YET. There are so many more features, we could go on forever but for those who would like to know more, the technical specs are listed below.

The Galileo Sol and Luna are only available inWestern Australiafrom Dive Locker stores. Look for your closest Dive Locker store on the website home page.


Exclusive Heart Rate Monitoring System: Galileo Sol is the first and only dive computer to have an integrated heart rate monitor, incorporating the heartbeat into the workload, and then tailoring the decompression calculations to your dive.

Scubapro Uwatec Galileo Sol dive computer

Full-Tilt Digital Compass with Bearing Memory: A powerful navigational system with integrated digital compass. Remains accurate regardless of inclination.

Extra-large Dot Matrix Display and Huge Memory: stores pictures, tables, tissue loading status and the most recent 100 hours of diving in a 4-second sampling rate.

Hoseless gas integration: When used with a Smart transmitter you get tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT).

PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops), a unique scientific application, optimizes your dive in complete security.

APNEA Mode available via a free upgrade on the Scubapro web site: includes unique features like faster sampling rates, manual start, current and maximum depth, dive time in minutes and seconds, water temperature, ascent and descent speed, APNEA specific alarms/warnings, adjustable water density and an APNEA specific logbook.

Predictive Multi Gas allows you to enjoy the full benefits of carrying high oxygen concentration mixes in addition to your main breathing gas.

Upgrade your computer with new functions and features downloaded from the Scubapro web site.

See what you, want when you want by choosing one of the 3 pre-configured screen display modes: LIGHT mode shows the most important information in the biggest possible figures. FULL display gives you everything at once. CLASSIC mode is the perfect balance between the two.

Alarms and warnings displayed in the language of choice. And warnings can be visual, audible or both.

Galileo’s user interface is as easy to use, program and view as a cell phone: Menus, settings and functions are in your language of choice.

Oil filled technology: Allows us to make a slim designed computer with an extra-large rectangular display. Oil filling also gives us more technological freedom and is the reason we are the only dive computer on the market rated to a depth of 330 meters per EN13319 standards.

User-replaceable battery.

Infrared technology and PC download capability.

Contains innovative core technologies including: Buhlmann XH-L8 ADT (Adaptive) Algorithm, Microbubble Management, Multi-Gas Diving, Nitrox compatibility, True Remaining Bottom Time and Smart Trak.


The Galileo Luna model is everything you need for an extraordinary underwater experience. Luna contains all of the core Galileo technology and all features of the Sol except two elements, which can be added as optional upgrades later (Heart Rate Monitor and Predictive Multi-Gas).

Come into Perth Scuba and check out the range of Scubapro Uwatec Galileo computers!

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