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There be dragons here!

written by Luan Hagen – Perth Scuba Instructor

Marmion Marine Park The car park... Not the dive site

Marmion Marine Park
The car park… Not the dive site

Marmion Anglers and Aquatic Club

With the weather trending to summer norms of hot and calm, I was keen to get to know the area north of the river a bit more. Ryan had me sold on the Marmion Marine Park and Josh suggested the Anglers Club, selling me on the idea of baby port Jackson Sharks and Leafy Sea dragons!

I had never seen either, so I was in.

Sunday kicked off with an awesome bacon and egg burger breakfast before we all packed up and rolled up to the dive site. Once there we wasted no time getting into the water, and seriously, conditions could not have been better. The water was calm as a mirror and crystal clear to boot, and no sooner had we descended than we found our first cave. I don’t know if it was the protected status, or just the sunny day putting the fish in a great mood, but I was immediately swamped by inquisitive fish. Spending just enough time to play fish whisperer with my hands, summoning and guiding fish at will, I started to explore the caves and overhangs in earnest.

I had heard of the leafy sea dragons, and I was convinced I’d find one today, and if Peter Jackson had taught me anything, I’d find them in a cave, not that wavy sea weedy stuff. Unfortunately it was not to be, but we did find a Port Jackson shark and were even visited by a reclusive Sea lion. The day didn’t end with that, cuttlefish, octopuses, unusual types of blowfish and even a cave filled with a school of curious Brim.

At the end of it all it was a very restful dive, a perfect way to wrap up my weekend and leave me recharged for the week ahead, but for all of that, I couldn’t help feeling disappointed for not finding the elusive dragons. But I know that they are there somewhere, and one day I will catch a glimpse of one.

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