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TM leads the club dive to TC


Half a dozen brave divers joined Tina-Marie on Sunday morning 28 June 2015 for the club dive. The started nice and chilly but the sun was shining so it promised to be a lovely day. After a nice warm breaky, sausage sizzle, we all headed off to The Coombe.

We were greeted by a lovely fresh wind (read cold), so the dive prep was enthusiastic (keeps the blood flow up). After a quick brief and the divers headed for the water. I am not sure if the squeals were of delight or because the water was so cold (15°C).

The plan was to find both of the shallow wrecks. This proved easier for some. An array of life was seen but by far the most interesting was the grill fish. The person who has lost the grill off their Ford, it is at The Coombe.

Was a lovely easy dive, and the smiling faces of those coming out of the water showed how much it was enjoyed by all. Thanks for all the laughs guys.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Tina-Marie Bethel

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