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Torch beams flicker over wing tips at BHP Jetty

Our last night dive on 25/11/15 was at the BHP jetty, it had been quite some time since I last dived this spot and I was really looking forward to it. We had 9 divers all keen to check it out just like me! A couple of the guys hadn’t dived this spot before so for them was probably even more appealing.


briefing we all entered the water from the beach on the north side of the jetty. Conditions were pretty good with fairly low swell and light winds, the water is just starting to warm up nicely and visibility was pretty good too.

Under the jetty marine life was a little on the sparse side, although we did see some Octopus, Western Talma, the ever present Gobbleguts, Cobbler, Nudibranchs, Stripey, heaps and heaps of different crabs and lots of Seahorses.

We didn’t swim as far as the end of the jetty but after a while decided to swim out onto the sand, we were first greeted by a small stingray hiding in the weeds. This was the deepest part of our dive at around 12m. Once back in shallower water and still exploring the adjacent sand patch we had a good sized Bull Ray come and put on a show for us, it was darting in and out of our torch beams flicking its wingtips. It makes you realise how agile these creatures are when you see them up close, it was literally running rings around us. We then went under the jetty again for a while and out onto the sand on the other side where our friend the stingray showed up again one last time.

BHP jetty is sometimes a bit quite in terms of marine life but can catch you by surprise and put on quite a show when you least expect it. Awesome dive with a great group of guys and look forward to going back.

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