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Try new things, keep diving!

written by Glen Outhred – Perth Scuba InstructorGlen Outhred Perth Scuba Open Water Instructor

While I was in the shop the other day I was thinking to myself, “Yes it’s winter, yes the water temp drops, but why stop diving?” If you really enjoy doing something, why not do it all the time? I was chatting to a few divers that have come into the saying they don’t know if they could dive in Perth again after visiting such amazing places like Borneo, Palau, Galapagos and Truk. The way Alex Grayson put it, if you took home a super model one night, would you stop going out knowing you couldn’t do better? Of course not. Good point of view by the way Alex ;)

The best way to keep in touch with the water is to try new things. This is why we run specialties courses, to keep divers learning and extending their abilities (even if they thought they couldn’t!). You don’t even have to get wet for some of them e.g. equipment specialty or nitrox. Personally I thought I’d never get into a dry suit but after trying it out, I don’t think I’ll ever get back into a wetsuit again! Haha. Again I never thought I’d be interested in any technical diving but after seeing what divers can do, how much easier it is than what I thought it was, how much of a different aspect it is (I feel like an open student!) and how fun it really is I can see myself taking my diving to a whole new level.

Even as an instructor, there are so many things I would love to do, and you can as well! Whether it be nitrox, wreck diving, dry suit, ice-diving, night diving, search and recovery, photography, the sky is the limit (or in our case, the Challenger Deep is the limit). If you feel like you’ve done all of specialities and getting tired of the recreation side of diving, why not try your hand at something new like technical diving? Perhaps cavern diving? Side mount diving? Multi gas diving? This is the great thing about the dive industry, it can take you anywhere! You can become a photographer for National Geographic seeing the best locations across the entire world, a coast guard diver in search and recovery saving lives, run your own dive resort in the tropics, solve a mystery as a police diver, protecting your nation with navy clearance diving, try your hand at teaching as an instructor, earn the big bucks as a commercial diver such as underwater welding, film the great whites and whales for blockbuster movies as a videographer, feeding your adrenalin by diving into unexplored caves, become a treasure hunter and find a sunken wreck full of gold, explore the world’s deepest depths in the Mariana Trench. You can diving anyway you want too.

So many amazing things to do, so many beautiful locations, so many great people and most important, so many memories to last a life time!

Keep diving guys! Blow bubbles, no troubles

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