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WA Beach Clean Up at Ammo Jetty

Oct ’14
8:30 am

Help keep our beaches beautiful by joining Perth Scuba the great WA Beach Clean-up on Sunday 12th October 2014 @ 8:30am

We want to help protect the marine environment from the harm of marine debris. This year we’re heading to the AMMUNITION JETTY, NYYERBUP CIRCLE, MUNSTER. Anyone who’s dived the jetty lately knows there’s a disgusting level of rubbish that’s carelessly discarded off the side of the jetty. We filled 4 bins worth of rubbish on New Years Day alone, let’s do better this time! We want to make a difference to the area and give the fish room to move without smacking into old deck chairs, fishing line, lead weights and hooks.

You can get involved by joining our clean up at the Ammunition Jetty on Sunday 12 October 2014. Contact us to register as a volunteer or post on the event wall you’ll be coming. All volunteers will receive a BBQ lunch shouted by Perth Scuba after we’ve cleaned up below and above the water.

Bring: Dive Gear & Catch Bag/Mesh Bag (if you’re diving), Gloves, Sun Protection.

We Supply: Rubbish Bags, Sharps Container, BBQ Lunch & Drinks.

Thanks for keeping Australia beautiful!

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