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WA Beach Clean Up – Underwater

Well the sun was shining and the birds were chirping which meant it was a beautiful day for a dive and more importantly a beautiful day for a clean up on Sunday 12 October 2014.

9 ultra fantastic volunteers turned up this Sunday to do just that for the West Australian Beach clean up dive at Ammo Jetty.

The water was flat and conditions just right. Water temp of around 19-20 degrees met the divers and after a quick brief and gear up with their all important catch bags for the rubbish they headed in.

After an hour under water these fantastic people managed to bring out over 15kg of rubbish ranging from dozens of beer bottles, fishing line and lures, shoes, hats, around a dozen fold up chairs and even a couple of discarded hot plates.

After the dive and while bagging up all the rubbish on the beach Kristy-Lee took charge in cooking the BBQ doing an awesome job.

In total there was 11 bags of rubbish and as a result  Ammo Jetty is now a lot tidier for divers and the marine life in the area.

Unfortunately the rubbish from people fishing on the jetty will always end up in the water, so when we are down there if we can grab that little bit of rubbish we see, it will help make a difference and will make it more enjoyable for everyone that dives on the jetty and more importantly keep it safe for the environment.

I would personally like to thank everyone who attended this great event and you all did a super awesome fantastic job and a great effort in bringing out as much rubbish possible in the short time down there. I would like to see everyone at the next one and with more hands we can make it even more successful.

See you all at the shop next Sunday for our club dive to South Mole.

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