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WAUPS Novice Portfolio winner Isla Cath


Congratulations to Isla Cath, winner of the 2017 Novice Portfolio. This is her winning portfolio. Well done to all seven members who entered the competition this year. It’s great to see the fantastic images you are capturing and the way they work together in a portfolio format. Perth Scuba is proud to sponsor this awesome competition. All of the entries will be put on WAUPS website in the coming days

Below are some overall comments from our judge Magnus Lundgren which will help you in putting together future portfolios.

“I can see genuine ambition behind the image portfolios. And by putting a portfolio together it is a good process for a photographer to develop. In the end it is all about making the viewer interested. Interested in each individual image and the portfolio as a whole. My advice is that “a portfolio is never stronger than the weaker shots in the crowd”. It is quite easy to be tempted to choose images with your favourite subjects (subject driven selection), instead of maybe choosing some more common subjects that are a stronger image. This is important when it comes to bigger competitions – the image, or a selection of images, has a very short time in front of the judge’s eyes and is among thousands of other images, so it needs to have an immediate element to impress a judge or jury.”

Novice Portfolio 2017: Rusty, Patricia, Isla, Amanda and Joanne

Novice Portfolio 2017: Rusty, Patricia, Isla, Amanda and Joanne

Once again Isla, a huge congratulations on a very well deserved win. The images are gorgeous with fantastic photographic talent showing through in each subject. We look forward to seeing more of your underwater photographic talents in the future.

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