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Tangled in Trash – A Whale Shark Rescue

Spotting a whale shark is a dream for many divers but what happened next will amaze you!Johanna Pool Photography

Divemaster Daniel Zapata and the Solmar V crew were ecstatic at sighting a 35 foot whale shark – every divers dream.

Their happiness soon turned to sadness when they saw a huge line wrapped around the pregnant whale shark cutting into her skin threatening the life of the shark and her unborn baby.

Sadly, this entanglement  story is more common than you might think.  Marine debris chokes, tangles and kills  thousands of marine animals  each year. Please  donate now to help make a difference.  

For this distressed whale shark, Daniel Zapata and fellow divers knew they must act quickly.  It was decision time.

Despite opinions that it would be too difficult and dangerous to free the whale shark, Daniel knew they had to remove the rope.   “It felt so good to cut the whale shark free.  I found a thinner section of the rope and cut through it. I unwrapped the rope from each side of the whale shark and finally she was free,” said Daniel.

You can also make a difference – donate now to help remove, record and prevent our trash from needlessly killing marine life. Our trash in the ocean threatens the survival of some of the most iconic marine animals.

This month, you can double the power of your donation! All donations up to $10,000 are matched by ORIS this September so please donate today!

Thanks to Solmar V for sharing their rescue story with us and a big thank you to thousands of Project AWARE volunteers around the world taking action to stop the ocean’s silent killer.

For the Ocean,

Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation

PS We cannot defeat the ocean’s silent killer without your vital financial support!  Thank you for giving generously today.

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