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What has 4 legs and no tail?

Written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba Instructor

Another fantastic day presented itself for the dive on Sunday. About 15 of us (for those playing at home, you’re right, they’re not all in the photo imageunfortunately) met at the shop for a quick breakfast, before heading to Coogee Marina to cool off, and get ahead of the predicted 36 degree temp.

We had a brief… … briefing (nailed it), assigned buddies, geared up, checked our *Bruce Willis-s and headed around the rocks – it was nice to not have to climb over them this time – down the beach to the flat and inviting blue water. Gorgeous.

At around 8 metres max, average of about 5 and 20 degrees, the marina is an accessible and pleasant dive with plenty of bottom time available. The weather is simply stunning at the moment and it feels great to be out of a drysuit and in the warming local waters! As far as marine life goes, it’s much the same as what you might find at the wreck trail. Bullseye, wrass, morwong, and I think I spied a goatfish or two. Peering between the rocks to see what might be lurking in the dark, I saw 4 skinny, knobbly legs dangling which I presume were attached to another 4, and a fleshy body, but sadly, when I went to confirm whom the owner of the appendages might be, they had [all] disappeared. But sightings of a cuttlefish and octopus were later confirmed. The cuttlefish was apparently as delighted to see us as we were him. He quite happily swam alongside one of the other divers for some time before going his own way.

To round out our dive at the planned 50-60 minutes, we headed back and found a fish I’d never seen before. Long, thin body. More streamlined than usual. Quite an unusual swimming style for a fish. Kinda pipefish-like, but frantic tail flicks and not quite as much speed as one would expect. Intrigued, we gave ‘chase’ to get a closer look, only to realise that it had simply had all but the smallest little piece of its tail removed. The little fella did surprisingly well considering.

The marina is also a wonderful night dive, and I think would be interesting on fluro as well. I look forward to coming back after the sun goes down.

Thanks again to everyone that came down. You guys really do make the club dive fun, and especially the solo Manta Clubbers, that graciously buddy up with complete strangers and help make the day enjoyable for everyone.

Hope to see you out there again soon!

*Buddy check BWRAF (Bruce Willis ruins all films)

perthscuba says:

Editors Note: The Perth Scuba Team are big fans of the original Die Hard film and distance themselves from the above comments for that movie only…. ;)