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What’s the Point

written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba InstructorPerth Scuba Manta Club Dive Point Peron 24Nov2013-2

Sunday 24th November 2013¬†Seabreeze¬†promised a light south-westerly and swell under 1m for yesterday’s club dive. Conditions that suit Point Peron, with the outer reefs protecting the coastline and providing perfect conditions for the (generally) shallow site.

Sadly, the conditions were just on the other side of good when we got to the site after our breakfast at the store, with the wind picking up and creating a bit of surge and a surface current heading north -east, away from the shore.

With the conditions making the 200m surface swim to one of three, larger outer reefs (which provide caves, swim-throughs and some more depth) more taxing, we stayed closer to the shore and explored the surrounds of Mushroom Rock in an average depth of about three meters, max of about five.

The marine life was playing hide and seek, and I think they were winning, with plenty of places to hide in the kelp. But the odd sightings of octopus, some small crays and schools of fish providing a little more to look at than the sandy bottom (and one outstanding Movember moustache!).

As some ventured around the rock to head south, they found a bit more depth and some nice ‘rooms’ to explore in the limestone structure.

Better conditions or a Sea Doo Scooter (now on my Christmas list!) would have made the outer reef accessible, with the added depth possibly reducing the affects that the surge had on some of us, providing a nicer dive, and possibly some antenna wielding crustaceans to accost.

With the right conditions, Point Peron would be a very enjoyable dive, with long bottom times and plenty to explore a bit further out.

Thanks for coming out Manta Clubbers!

See you again soon.

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