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Wise choice takes us to Jerrat Drive for a night dive

Wednesday 18/11/15 our Perth Scuba night dive was scheduled for Jerrat Drive East Fremantle, with high winds its ended up being a wise choice diving in the river.


divers in total and for a few it was the first time diving this location, we geared up in the usual area on the hill overlooking the river. Once I had done the briefing we made our way down to the waters edge and all entered the water together.
I had 3 guys diving with me and promising them a good look at the two wrecks on offer we were keen to get below the surface. Once under water it was clear there was a bit of current which made navigating to the wreck a bit of a challenge. I tried to compensate for the drift with my compass heading but in the relatively poor visibility we must have overshot the first wreck. We then turned around and headed at a guess in the direction of the chinese junk. Luckily for me and my buddies I found it. We had a good look around this wreck and saw plenty of marine life. There was some really cool nudibranchs, leatherjackets, boxfish, crabs, cobbler and heaps of gobbleguts. From this wreck it was then easy to navigate to the barge/landing craft, here we saw plenty more fish. Then after the two wrecks we made our way back to the river bank via a few of the mooring lines and had a really good look along the rock face and under the jetty. Here we found loads of seahorses and a couple of slender seamoths.

Once out of the water we met up with all the other guys and it was clear we had all gone in several different directions, with the majority not finding the wrecks. Although some guys got a good feed of blue swimmer crabs.

Always a good dive at this spot with plenty to see and one of my favourite swan river dives. Great to see a couple of new faces and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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