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Woodman Point

Manta Club dive at Woodman Pt

Nice visibility, brain corals, schools of Talmas, and some jellies around the corner

Sunday 24 March 2019

This Sunday morning was warm and sunny, and almost perfect weather and water conditions were seen at Woodman Point. The visibility was good, near 5 – 7m in some places. Brain corals sat at their usual locations, near the tip of groyne, where large schools of Talmas, stripeys, and other small fish were feeding. A large cloud of jellies found their temporary home the tip of groyne and the southern side of it, limiting our options to see the seahorses that live there. The water temperature was perfect, still at 23C, so many of us inspected this rarely-visited dive site for full 50 mins, despite having to avoid jelly tentacles. 

Manta Club Divers at Woodman Point

Divers of  various different experience levels were present (20 of us in the group), many new OW divers joined our group today, and everybody enjoyed exploring this dive site. Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next dives.

Written by Mikhail Vasiliev – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

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