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World Oceans Day 2019

World Oceans Day 2019

Grab your camera!

This 1-9 June is World Oceans Week! Take some time to go diving with us this Wednesday evening and Sunday morning with a specific purpose in mind: Photograph the marine life around your favourite dive site and share that with the rest of the world. This is our chance to contribute to an annual global snapshot of ocean ecosystems.

The challenge from World Oceans Week 2019 to you

Happy World Oceans Day

In recognition of Oceans Week, we would like to challenge our diving community to make than an opportunity to explore our coastal areas, our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. Observations of marine flora and fauna shared through iNaturalist will help fill gaps in temporal, spatial and taxonomic coverage around the world.

The aim is simple of the World Oceans Week 2019 iNaturalist project – they wish to encourage people to accept the challenge to record and share your own personal observations. From June 1-9 set aside time to explore our coastal areas, oceans and seas with Perth Scuba’s upcoming club dives.

How do you contribute to World Oceans Week 2019

Set up an iNaturalist account at (if you don’t already have one). You’ll be asked to create a username, password and you’ll receive an email link to activate your account. Once activated, iNaturalist creates a home page for your own observations.

On your iNaturatist page, click the Projects tab, then “Manage your project invitations” and then “Join some projects”. Enter World Oceans Week 2019 in the search bar and click the name to go to the project page for World Oceans Week 2019. On the page, click “Join this project” (above the photo banner on the right). On the next screen, decide on your settings (update frequency and type of updates) and click on “Join this project”.

During 1-9 June, all your observations you add to your own iNaturalist page will be linked to the World Oceans Week 2019 count. Make sure you check back to the World Oceans Week page regularly to help with the ID of species posted by other divers.

prevent plastic pollution this World Oceans Day 2019

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