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Wrecks teaming with life at The Coombe

The Coombe Mosman Park, diving wrecks teaming with life

The night dive this week was on Thursday 16/6/16 at The Coombe in Mosman Park. All up we had 11 divers and plenty of them were new faces which was great to see. There was also a few other divers already in the water so the car park was pretty full to say the least. Once we were all geared up and I had done the brief we made our way into the 15degree surface water.


One of the guys with me was

doing her first ever night dive so I was looking forward to showing her how good the river could be. Once we sorted out a few weight issues we made our descent and then made our way over to the shallow wreck sat in around 8m of water. The visibility was fairly limited in the 0-6m range but once below this it cleared up dramatically and also went up in temperature by a degree or two. The first wreck was teeming with life, heaps and heaps of crabs of different kinds, Seahorses, Gobbleguts, Cobbler and many more. From here we went down the line to the NW end to the second wreck laying in 13m of water. Unfortunately for us a few of the boys catching crabs had been through this area and silted it up a bit. However we did find a very cool solitary Cuttlefish which changed colours and texture under our torch beams. From here we went towards the shallows and checked out a few of the moorings and the little tinny that’s down there. To say there was a lot of blue swimmer crabs was and understatement!

On the return trip past the 8m wreck I spotted a blue ringed octopus next to one of the 44gal drums, out on the sand hunting in the dark. It glowed up iridescent blue after we disturbed it with our torch lights. It even tried to make a run for it and darted straight towards my chest, obviously looking for a hiding spot in my bcd!

From here we went shallower and found a lot more seahorses and a couple of juvenile squid. Then to top it all off at 5m whilst doing a safety stop I spotted a Fingered Dragonet just hiding perfectly in amongst the mussel shells.

The Coombe really does always deliver and that night was exceptional for the sheer variety of marine life we encountered. Some of the guys went down to the deep wrecks and had an awesome time there too.

I love night diving the river but it does seem like ages since we night dived the ocean so I’m going to hope and pray the conditions are good enough for us next week! Thanks again to all that came to a great night dive and great to see and meet some new guys joining in on the night diving antics. Keep an eye on Perth Scubas facebook for the update on next weeks dive location…….. back on the regular day ofWednesday at 7pm

written by Aaron Goodlooking Perth Scuba Instructor

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