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Wrecktober kicks off with a dive on the Omeo wreck and artificial reef

Another Sunday morning 1/10/2017 in Perth and lucky for us the sun was out. Since it was the first day of Wrecktober our plans were to go to Coogee wreck trail to check out the Omeo wreck and the new artificial reef. After breakfast we made our way down. Some made the treck up the beach while others tried out the new almost completed stairs.

Perth Scuba Manta club dive at Omeo wreck

The water was dead flat and the viz was about 10m. After descending we had a quick look at the Omeo then made our way out to the deeper tower.

On our way we came across a boat anchor, concrete reef clusters, reef matt, giant starfish and at the end the concrete tower. The concrete tower was by far the best so we spent a bit of time playing around inside then made out way back up the wall.


Kicking back up the wall we found some cool looking nudibranchs, crested morwong, sergeant bakers, blowies and plenty of box fish.

Once back to shore we had another look around the Omeo then made our way back up the beach to our cars.  


We couldn’t of picked a better way to start Wrecktober. 

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