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You’ve created a seismic shift!

Last year you helped make great strides forward for ocean protection, but I wanted to let you know that just weeks into 2013 you’ve helped do it again (twice)!

In November I emailed you about an oil company wanting to explore for oil using underwater sonic blasts just off the wildlife refuge of Kangaroo Island. These blasts are 10,000 times more intense than a jet engine and would happen inside the blue whale feeding season and at a critical time of year for sperm whales, dolphins and Australian sea lions.

With thousands of emails we called for a halt to the plan until a full scientific assessment of the proposed blasting was carried out.

In a result which has sent shockwaves right back at the oil industry, Environment Minister Tony Burke has now ruled that this assessment must be carried out.

This is only the second time in Australia’s history that this has happened. It has raised the bar on protection for marine life around Australia and improved the scientific standards of such exploration in our oceans.

This new standard was reflected in a second excellent decision by the Environment Minister this week, when he also blocked a very similar proposal to search for oil off World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia. You may be interested in the full report which was in the Sydney Morning Herald.

While the Kangaroo Island decision doesn’t mean that we have yet stopped the proposed exploration (and the drilling and risks of an oil spill that may follow it) both of these decisions are a momentous result. They will make a real difference to marine life and have only been possible because you took action.

Thanks again for being part of the Big Blue Army standing up for our marine life.

All the best for another great year for our oceans.


David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

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